statement of account

statement of account
statement of account ˌstatement of acˈcount noun statements of account PLURALFORM [countable] ACCOUNTING
a document sent regularly to a buyer who has an account with a particular seller, showing the dates of invoice S sent to the buyer, the dates and amounts of payments made, and the total that must be paid

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statement of account UK US noun [C] (plural statements of account)
ACCOUNTING, COMMERCE a list that a company sends to a customer of the money that the customer has paid for goods or services and the money that they still owe: »

The invoice had not been on direct debit, and had become the subject of a statement of account.

FINANCE, BANKING a printed or electronic record showing what money has been spent and received: »

The credit-card company sends a statement of account monthly to each account holder.

See Note INVOICE(Cf. ↑invoice)

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